Evelyn Skye. New York Times bestselling author of THE CROWN’S GAME and CIRCLE OF SHADOWS series.


New York Times bestselling author.

Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye.

Circle of Shadows

Sora can move as silently as a ghost and hurl throwing stars with lethal accuracy. Her gemina, Daemon, can win any physical fight blindfolded and with an arm tied behind his back. They are apprentice warriors of the Society of Taigas—marked by the gods to be trained in magic and the fighting arts to protect the kingdom of Kichona.

As their graduation approaches, Sora and Daemon look forward to proving themselves worthy of belonging to the elite group—but in a kingdom free of violence since the Blood Rift Rebellion many years ago, it’s been difficult to make their mark. So when Sora and Daemon encounter a strange camp of mysterious soldiers while on a standard scouting mission, they decide the only thing to do to help their kingdom is to infiltrate the group.Taking this risk will change Sora’s life forever—and lead her on a mission of deception that may fool everyone she’s ever loved.

Love, spies, and adventure abound as Sora and Daemon unravel a complex web of magic and secrets that might tear them—and the entire kingdom—apart.

Praise for Circle of Shadows

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“Heart-stopping action and breath-stealing twists kept me up late into the night, but the fierce camaraderie between the characters is what cemented my love for Circle of Shadows. Work hard, mischief harder—and read this book as soon as you can!”
– Sara Raasch, New York Times bestselling author of the Snow Like Ashes series and These Rebel Waves

“I was captivated by this lush and beautifully written story of courage, treachery, and deceit.”
– Jennifer A. Nielsen, New York Times bestselling author of The False Prince series and The Traitor’s Game

“Epic in scale, immersive and imaginative, Circle of Shadows will reel you in and refuse to let you go. Evelyn Skye weaves extraordinary worlds, with a magic any taiga would envy–I never wanted to leave Kichona.”
– Amie Kaufman, New York Times bestselling co-author of the Illuminae series

“Dark. Thrilling. Intoxicating. Evelyn Skye has created a sumptuously exquisite world brimming with heart-pounding danger, shocking twists, and spellbinding magic.”
– Kerri Maniscalco, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stalking Jack the Ripper series

“A fast-paced adventure and rich backstory for this politically-driven action romance.”
– Booklist review

“Skye’s magic, conveyed via the taiga and Gin’s soldiers, proves unusual and interesting.”
– Publisher’s Weekly

“Skye has a fantastic voice, injecting her writing with light-hearted humour, fast-paced action, and a memorable group of misfits. She has set her world up with a well of myth and magic so deep I can only imagine what incredible things are yet to come in the Kingdom of Kichona!”
– Booktopia Bookstores, Australia

Cloak of Night by Evelyn Skye.

Cloak of Night

The exciting sequel to Circle of Shadows by New York Times bestselling author Evelyn Skye… coming on February 11th, 2020!

***Spoiler Warning: Description below contains spoilers about the first book.***

After the devastating Ceremony of Two Hundred Hearts, Sora, Daemon, Fairy, and Broomstick are truly alone in the fight to save their kingdom. Empress Aki is missing, and everyone else who could help them is a prisoner to the Dragon Prince’s mind control.

At least Sora understands what they’re up against. Or so she believes, until she overhears the Dragon Prince bargaining with the god of war for immortality and learns that ryuu magic may be a more insidious danger than she realized.

Suddenly, the stakes are higher and even more personal for Sora—not only must she stop a seemingly indestructible Prince Gin, but she must also unravel the secrets of ryuu magic before it is too late for nearly everyone she loves.

And as Sora, Daemon, Fairy, and Broomstick face dangerous obstacles at every turn, the greatest challenge may be discovering who they truly are, and what, if anything, they are capable of.

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